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((7-07-02)) New information on the series coming to Japan in October has been revealed, according to Anime News Network:
"Accoding to Natsume Maya, The August 2002 issue of Newtype Magazine, to be released this month in Japan, will feature an article on Sunrise's latest Gundam series titled New Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. The G-5 Strike Gundam will be the feature MS of the show, piloted by leading character Kira Yamato."
-galleries for Endless Waltz are done, and my Zeta Gundam section, which features much less mecha and specs than my other sectors has been released, it is more focused on various series information, so enjoy the work I've dont on that has a gallery too!  So go enjoy A Baoa Qu!

((5-07-02))  Umm, I'm probably not going to put any galleries here for a while, while I am building my anime site, I will make the galleries there, and them link this places galleris to them. www.animehydra.cjb.net

((2-31-02)) I am closeing Zero's Gundam because I need space to hold images and it happens to have Tripod's original 50 MB of space.  I will eventually re-open it on a new tripod account so I can keep the 50MB of space for images and such.

((2-18-02))Got some good news from Gundam.com and Gundam Plus,
1-First off there are a bunch of new action fig out in stores, most of the Neon Zeon and 2 Londo Bell Suits from Chars Counterattack, prettey impressive figs even if they arent models, I bought both the RX-93 NU Gundam and the Sazabi(the Sazabi is much better built) and much sturdier.  The NU Gundam like the RX-78's head is somewhat deformed and as I remember the NU Gundam was closer to the Sazabis size then portrayed in the action fig.

2-Mobile Fighter G Gundam and Chars Counter will be comming to Cartoon Network later this year, along with 0083 which should start on Cartoon Networks new run on saturdays(like Adult Swim but on Saturdays),

3-(from Gundam Plus)-On to the real news... Toy Fair 2002 has some interesting news about Bandai and Gundam products in 2002. Since G Gundam is after Gundam 0083 on Cartoon Network this year, those will be the next figures/models produced. All of this information was found at the Altered States Magazine website(will take you directly to the Gundam part), here are some of the important tidbits:

G Gundam is coming to Cartoon Network this Fall, and Bandai is putting a huge support campaign behind it. Similar to the one that was used for the OYW Gundam stuff last year, fans can expect a huge quantity of product to spend their money on.

So far it is known in the English version, the God Gundam will be called the Burning Gundam, and the Devil Gundam will be called the Dark Gundam. A few others of the mobile fighters also seem to have undergone renaming, though it is not yet clear which names apply to them.

And the figures...

Bandai already has listed a huge variety of the Mobile Fighters. I was worried they would just center on the core cast, but actually they are picking designs from all of the various countries. If Bandai keeps going at the same rate they as they did with the MSiA's in 2001, we should have all the Mobile Fighters by 2003!

In the normal size listed so far are:

-Shining Gundam, Gundam Maxter, Dragon Gundam, Gundam Rose, Bolt Gundam, Neros Gundam, Royal Gundam, Mummy Gundam, Gundam Scimitar, Haow Gundam, Shadow Gundam, Nobel Gundam and Rising Gundam

In the deluxe category:

-Burning Gundam, Dark Army, Mandor Gundam, Cobra Gundam, Mermaid Gundam and Walter Gundam

But there is even more stuff coming! Bandai is also releasing ride packs. These are sort of the G Gundam equivalent to the vehicle packs that were released last year. They have planned:

-Master Gundam with Mobile Horse, Zeus Gundam with Mobile Chariot, Raven Gundam with Sky Wings, and Viking Gundam with Mobile Boat

Finally we have the Ultimate Mobile Fighters. These are the really big guys that can't be classified easily. Included are a Grand Gundam, but also the evil Dark Gundam! A Mobile Fighter Transport rounds out the assortment.

This website also states that the following will be available in 7.5 inch figures:

-Shining Gundam, Gundam Maxter, Dragon Gundam, Gundam Rose

This, as well as some 11 inch figures, should prove to be an impressive lineup of toys. Be sure to check out this page for more news on new models as well as images.

((2-11-02)) OK I have begun working on my Gundam 0083 site again I added a bunch of thumbnails (warning they are only thumbnails) images will be there soon, you may also notice the navigation has a different look to it, I reorganzed it and added a few things, I intend to have them up soon

((1-13-02)) started on my EW site, it should be up by today, not much there, mecah and suit info maybe

((1-17-02)) Tis a dark day for Gundam fans one and all.  The infamous Gundam project is shutting down.  Although I will try to save all of his MS's as I can I will not be able to replace the Gundam Projcet.

((12-24-01)) Christmas Eve!! Have a Merry Chirstmas and all that!  It's been really slow in the world of gundam and I've been working on an Evangelion site till Gundam picks up again.  Ohter news(kinda old) G Gundam and Chars Counterattack are to be released into the USA(Gundam Wing and MSG fans rejoice!)

(( 11-8-01)) HEY!! I shold have screen shots up soon courtesyof Gundam Plus feel free to go there and thank him!!

((11-6-01)) Ummm well guess I need to start a new site! since Gundam 0080 has started I guess I ought to start on that one huh? ok wellA Pocket Size War  Gundam 0080 well it's not very far but it at least exists!

((10-12-01)) WOW!! Havent been here for a while well I guess I should Start working on some of the other sites besides the 08th MS one if you think I'v been slacking off it's cause I have and I just was not in the mood to work on this place!

from Gundam.com
Sep-14-2001All Gundam Not Canceled, but delayed?
It appears that 08th MS Team has also been dropped from the Toonami Schedule according to this website. I recived the following news item, I haven't been able to confirm this, but thought I would post it since it sounds plausible:

Mobile Suit Gundam has been pulled from the air from Cartoon Network's Toonami block for the forseeable future as a result of the tragedy that occurred on September the eleventh. AOL/Time Warner has purportedly decided that due to the nature of this show and the atrocities of war that it depicts, now is not the right time to be airing the program. [It's removal is not a result of ratings, as it still recieves an acceptable share. It was not expected to be fully embraced immidiately, it was felt that the animation quality would distract many viewers, the hope was that as more recent shows of the Zeon era were aired, interest would increase.] As for the future of 0080:War in a Pocket, 0083:Stardust Memory, 08th MS team, and the ongoing Zedd Gundam preproduction, they're futures are still unclear at this time. Cartoon Network would still like to continue as planned at some point, but as of now, that may be some weeks off. The preceding was a paraphrasing of memo that has recently gone out in the Cartoon Network offices. the big suprise, in one opinion at least, was that Zeta Gundam is in the works! It seems to make sense, though, as First Gundam was shown on Monday, but not since. Hopefully it will return after a recovery period from the WTC/Pentagon tragedies.

In the meantime, you can voice your opinion at http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/feedback

((9-11-01)) GOOD GOD!!!!! Not to quote Bush but this has to be the worst thing since Peral Harbor!!!! I can't belive the inhumanity of this attack! it's wasen't just some militsry base or some rural farmland but the Twin Towers and the pentagon!!!!  They demolished two buildings over 110 storied hight in less than an hour!!  I hope that with Bush's radical ideas of war those who are responsible for this horrendous tragedy die a very slow and painful death.  My siceriest condolences to all those where were in the incident or are related to those involved.  

Well we're up an running (sort of) so take a look around!

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